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British Naturalists’ Association

The National Body For Naturalists


The British Naturalists' Association
was founded over 100 years ago with the sole aim of promoting the study
of all branches of Natural History and continues to do so to this day.

Many of our members are distinguished Natural History experts and many are enthusiastic amateurs who love the subject and are keen to learn more about it.

Through our Conferences, Talks, Field Meetings and Publications we aim to satisfy the interests of experts and amateurs, adults and children alike.

Through our BNA Branches around the UK our members enjoy regular Natural History Walks and Lectures and the rewards of socialising with people of like minds. Those who specialise in their subject delight in sharing their knowledge with those who know little about nature. We aim to encourage and help to create the experts of the future.

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We welcome you to the BNA Website and hope that you find it interesting and stimulating, so much so that you will join the Association and swell the numbers of Britain's Naturalists.

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The Honourable John Vincent Weir

BNA is deeply saddened at the death of businessman and naturalist Vincent Weir who became one of Britain’s most remarkable conservationists.  

Few people have done more to conserve British wildlife than this remarkable individual – who never courted publicity. He founded The Vincent Wildlife Trust, established some of our most successful national wildlife charities, and inspired a generation of young scientists who received support from Vincent for their academic studies.

Vincent Weir contributed boundlessly to the conservation of wildlife in Britain and Ireland and was someone who truly did bring species back from the brink.